Can You Put a BBQ Cover in a Washing Machine

Can You Put a BBQ Cover in a Washing Machine? Answered Here

Dealing with the dirt of BBQ covers is not easy at all. You would want to wash it by putting it into your washing machine. However, not everything can be put in a washing machine, as this might have adverse effects.

So, can you put a BBQ cover in a washing machine? Yes, you can put your BBQ cover in a washing machine. However, note that you may not be able to put all of them in there. So, before doing this, look at the labels to wash it properly.

Now, this answers your query in a brief. To know about the proper way of washing a BBQ cover, you need to read along. So, move on to the main part to cover all the important insights.

Can You Put A BBQ Cover in a Washing Machine?

Washing a BBQ cover could be challenging due to its size and posture. Now, thinking of putting it in a washing machine, is it actually possible?

Well, yes! You can put a BBQ cover in a washing machine. To do it without any issues, you must follow the right way of washing a BBQ cover in a washing machine. 

Almost all BBQ covers are machine washable. You can put a cover if it is made of polyester, nylon, or canvas in a washing machine. 

However, if the cover is vinyl, you better not put it in the washing machine. This is because vinyl fabric can keep moisture for a long time, causing the fabric to damage.

So, make sure you see the labels to find all the information related to this. 

If you want, you can also call the manufacturer to know about it more clearly. As some of the BBQ covers aren’t good to put in a washing machine, some manufacturers recommend not doing this at all.

Note that you can definitely wash a BBQ cover in a washing machine if there is no restriction on the labels. To know the proper way of washing it in a washing machine, move on to the next segment.

How Do I Clean My BBQ Cover in A Washing Machine?

Even if your BBQ cover is good to put in a washing machine, you may mess it up. So, you need to know the proper steps for washing a BBQ cover in a washing machine. Take a look here to know about it.

Prepare the BBQ Cover

First, you need to remove the loose dirt particles on the BBQ cover. Shake the cover to get off the dirt. If you see any little stains, you can also brush them with warm water.

But make sure to use a soft-bristled brush for this. Or else, you may use a piece of clean cloth to rub off small stains.

Put in the Detergent

After that, you have to put the detergents in the detergent compartment of the washing machine to wash your BBQ cover. You can do it the way you do it while washing other clothes in your washing machine.

But you need to make sure that you use mild detergents for your BBQ cover. Have laundry product detergents that are a good fit for delicate fabrics.

Wash It Off

Now, you just have to wash your BBQ cover with gentle cycles. You can use warm water or even cold water for this.  

Remember that you should never use any bleach for your BBQ cover. Once you wash the cover, you should dry it off completely using natural air.

Cleaning a BBQ Cover Without Using a Washing Machine

If you don’t want to put your BBQ cover in a washing machine, it’s okay. You can actually wash this cover in a different way, which is quite effective as well. So, here is how to wash a BBQ cover without a washing machine.

Gather the Supplies

First, you need to gather a bucket of warm water and mild dish soap. You will need a sponge or a soft bristle brush. 

Towels and a garden hose will also be necessary in order to clean the BBQ cover.

Get off the Loose Dirt Particles

Now, shake off all the loose dirt particles and lay the cover on the ground. Then, close the BBQ cover and hose it down with the garden hose to make it wet.

Mix the Water and Soap

This time, you have to mix the warm water with the mild dish soap. Pour around 6 to 8 drops of soap into the water. Mix it well and drain the sponge or the brush into the mixture.

Clean the Dirt

Now, take the sponge or the brush out of the mixture and rub the stains. Note that you can also use a clothing brush for this. Scrub the stains thoroughly all over the cover. Let the soap stay for about 5 to 8 minutes. 

After that, rinse the cover in cool water. If you think there are still some dirt particles and stains, you can repeat the process. Wash the inner part of the cover the same way.

Remember that maintaining the water temperature, as mentioned, is important. This is because the right water temperature helps in killing bacteria.

Dry the Cover off

Once you wash your BBQ cover, get off the water by shaking it. Then, put the cover under the sunlight to dry it off completely.

To have a visual idea of washing a BBQ cover, here is a video you can watch.

Things to Remember While Washing a BBQ Cover

To prevent any issues while washing a BBQ cover, you need to maintain the following things:

  • Never bleach your grill cover. This will diminish the quality of the cover, damaging it over time.
  • Do not increase the temperature of the washing machine too much. You must not exceed the temperature of 30 degrees Celsius.
  • Never dry off your BBQ cover by tumbling. This may damage the posture of the cover.
  • Avoid using an iron machine for your BBQ cover. This would damage the color of it.
  • You must not wash your BBQ cover very often. Note that you can not use any hard brush or other materials to clean the cover.
  • Never give your BBQ cover a dry clean. It can deteriorate the condition and posture of the cover. Note that it will fade off the color, too.

So, these are the things that you need to maintain to prevent any issues while washing a BBQ cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few common queries regarding putting a BBQ cover in a washing machine.

Q: How often should I wash my BBQ cover?

You should wash your BBQ cover with a soft brush once or twice every month. This would keep away any grease and dirt particles from it. However, ensure you do not wash it daily or weekly.

Q: Are BBQ covers waterproof?

No, BBQ covers are not waterproof, but they are just water-resistant. This means it can prevent water from getting into the grill. However, BBQ covers can not withstand for more than 5 to 7 hours.

Q: Is it okay to clean BBQ covers without water?

Yes, you can clean BBQ covers without water. However, that will not be a major clean as it will not get off anything hard. You can do it with a soft brush to get off any dirt particles every day.

Final Words

Now you have the answer: can you put a BBQ cover in the washing machine? We believe you have no more confusion regarding this now.

So, before we wrap up, we have got a piece of advice for you. Some people tend to use hot water for washing a BBQ cover. However, it is better to use warm water instead of hot water. Good luck!

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