Can You Put a Denim Jacket In Washing Machine?

Can You Put a Denim Jacket In Washing Machine? Step-By-Step Process

Your denim jacket requires the best care to safeguard the quality. You need to clean the jacket effectively using the washing machine. It will ensure the durability of the jacket and maintain its charm. 

So can you put a denim jacket in the washing machine? Yes, you can. You have to pre-treat the stains, put the jacket in the washer, select a wash cycle, and set the temperature. 

Further, I will discuss how you clean a denim jacket in the washing machine, things you should know before putting the denim jacket in the machine, and many more. Please stay tuned till the end of this article. 

Can You Put Denim Jacket In Washing Machine? 

The fear of shrinking your jacket may worry you about putting it in the washing machine. But yes, You can put your denim jacket in the washing machine. 

But you need to follow some strict instructions to save your jacket from potential damage. Here, I have discussed a step-by-step guide for washing the denim jacket in the washing machine. Please go through the points below.

Step 1: Remove Objects and Clean Taints

If there are any removable pins in the pocket, then you must remove them. You have to shut off the zippers during the wash cycle. Sometimes, the zipper itself gets stuck with the parts of the washing machine and gets damaged. 

Now, pre-treat the taints to remove the oil, grease, or ink. Then, use a liquid cleaner to clean the stains. Please make sure that the liquid does not have harsh additives. However, there could be directions on the care laundry tag of the blue jean jacket. 

The label will have different removal instructions according to the stain. You have to follow the exact way mentioned in the care label. Once you have pre-treated the stains, make the jacket inside out. 

Step 2: Put the Jacket inThe Washer with A Cleaner.

Now place the jacket in the washer. But please remember to wash your denim jacket separately from other clothes. If your denim jacket is new, then it can bleed colors and stain your other clothes. The next thing you have to do is add the detergent according to the instructions.

The care label would instruct you on how much detergent you should put on the dispenser. But the detergent you put on the machine dispenser should be compatible with your washing machine. For instance, if you use fabric softener, then your washing machine can have dirt build-up on it. 

Step 3: Select The Wash Cycle and Set The Water Temperature

After closing the washing machine, select the gentle wash cycle. Otherwise, your jacket’s fiber could be at risk of unnecessary friction. 

Then, set the water temperature according to the care label of the denim jacket.  Also, use cold water to wash your blue jean jacket. 

Rinse the jacket using cold water after washing it properly. 

Step 4: Air-dry Your Denim Jacket 

After rinsing, air dry your jacket. You must not use a high heat cycle to dry the denim jacket as it can create shrinkage in it. You will choose a low to no heat cycle to dry the denim jacket. 

Here is a YouTube video that you can watch to learn how to wash a blue jean jacket in the washing machine.

Things You Should Know Before Placing A Denim Jacket

Most of us impulsively act when it comes to rightly placing the denim jacket in the washing machine. That’s why there are some important things you must know before placing a denim jacket in the washing machine. Please have a look below.

  • Check for the instructions on the care label to know how to treat the stains
  • Wash blue jean jackets only when they are dirty
  • Dry your denim jacket with an air dryer
  • Wash your denim jacket every 10 days or after every wear. You won’t have to frequently wash the jacket as it will only do more damage
  • Wash your denim jacket separately. Washing your jacket and other clothes together will lead the denim to bleed colors to the other clothes

How Should I Take Care Of My blue jean jacket? 

You may try to find out how to take care of your denim. Please have a look below. 

  • Hang it in the wardrobe. It will help the blue jean jacket to maintain its shape. If you keep the jacket in a fold way, then it will ruin the shape of the jacket
  • If you hand wash the denim jacket, use vinegar. It will help the colors of the denim to stay intact. Most of the time, hand washing can lead to bleeding colors from the denim, but it will help you prevent bleeding
  • Do not let your denim jacket dry in direct sunlight. Putting them to dry in direct sunlight will ruin the original fabric of the denim jacket

Do Denim Jackets Shrink In The Wash Cycle? 

The denim jacket can shrink in the wash if you put them in hot temperatures. To maintain the shape of your blue jean jacket, you can lay it flat and adjust the jacket to its original form. Then you have to hang it to dry. 

But if your denim jacket has spandex, you should not use tumble. The materials on your jacket will get ruined using a tumble dryer. That’s why you should avoid using it to dry the denim jacket. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The readers often have similar queries regarding washing the blue jean jacket. You may have the same questions. So, here I have added frequently asked questions by the readers. Please check them out below: 

Can I Wash A Denim Jacket By Hand? 

Yes. You can wash a denim jacket by hand. But you should consider a few things before washing a blue jean jacket by hand. For example, you should not rib the jacket excessively as it can tear the fabric. Also, you should use cold water to clean it, as hot water can shrink the jacket. 

Does Washing A Denim Jacket Make The Jacket Softer?

Yes. Washing a denim jacket makes the jacket softer over time. Washing the jacket makes the fiber of the denim relaxed. It also breaks down the stiffness of the newly bought denim jacket. 

How Often Should I Wash my Denim Jacket? 

You can wash a blue jean jacket every ten days or after every wear. It is better to wash the denim jacket when it gets dirty. Frequently washing the denim jacket, even if it’s not dirty, can damage the denim jacket. 


You do not want to ruin your beautiful jacket by improper washing. It can cause your denim jacket to fade, shrink, or get damaged. Washing the denim jacket in the right way is necessary. So, you have to wash the denim jacket by following the ways mentioned in this article. 

However, you must take care of your denim jacket. You should never use hot water to wash the denim. Rather, using cold water will save your jacket from shrinkage. 

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