Can You Put A Dishwasher Pod in The Washing Machine

Can You Put A Dishwasher Pod in The Washing Machine? Definitive Guide

Dishwasher pods are easy to find and pretty inexpensive compared to laundry detergents. Therefore, some people may think they can use a dishwasher pod for laundry in the washing machine. But is it safe?

Can you put a dishwasher pod in the washing machine? Sadly, using a dishwasher pod is unsafe for clothes and washing machines. It’s because dishwasher pods are formulated with chemicals and bleaches, which make it harsh for fabric and machine.

But what if you have already used it for laundry? Read on to discover more inconveniences, alternatives for these pods, and how to clean pod residue from the machine.

Can You Put A Dishwasher Pod in The Washing Machine?

No, putting a dishwasher pod in the washing machine for laundry isn’t recommended. Generally, dishwasher pods are designed specially for cleaning tough food residue on dishes.

Therefore, the chemical level in dishwasher pods is stronger than in laundry detergents. As a result, using dishwasher pods for washing clothes can damage fine and delicate materials like wool and silk.

Why Can’t You Put A Dishwasher Pod in The Washing Machine?

So, what happens if you put a dishwasher pod in the washing machine? Here is a comprehensive discussion of inconveniences you may face when using dishwasher pods:

Won’t Dissolve in Cold Water

Dishwasher pods are formulated to melt in the hot water immediately. So when you use these pods in cooler wash cycles for laundry, pods may not dissolve properly. 

Consequently, unmelted pods could remain on clothes after the wash, attracting dirt over time.

Bleach in Dishwasher Pods

Most dishwasher pods are made with bleach, which is unsuitable for cleaning clothes. Using dishwasher pods with bleach can leave stain residue on your clothes. 

You may notice the effects of the bleach on the clothes in your next laundry, even when you are not using the dishwasher pod.

Washing Machine Overflowing Foam and Bubbles

Dishwasher pods create more foam and bubbles compared to laundry detergents. Updated washing machines are built to function with a small water quantity.

As a result, your washing machine won’t be able to clean all the foam from the clothes during rinsing. 

Again, if you use too many pods in the washing machine, chances are that the suds and bubbles will overflow the machine and create a mess.

Need Extra Cleaning

As we mentioned, dishwasher pods create a lot of bubbles. Hence, you need to make extra effort to rinse the clothes after washing them in the machine.

Moreover, when using a dishwasher tablet in a washing machine drawer or drum, it leaves residue on the washing machine. 

As a result, it can damage clothes in your next load of laundry. Therefore, you need to clean the washing machine as well manually.

Harsh for Washing Machine Components

Some internal washing machine components can’t handle strong chemicals, resulting in permanent damage. 

For example, the pressure sensor, water level parts, gaskets, and hoses can all be damaged if dishwasher pods are used in the washing machine.

Impact on Warranty

The manufacturers of washing machines don’t suggest using strong chemicals in the machine. Thus, using dishwasher pods will simply go against the washing machine’s instructions. This results in compromising the machine’s warranty.

What if You Have Already Used A Dishwasher Pod in The Washing Machine?

No need to panic if you’ve accidentally used the dishwasher pod in the washing machine. If you use it once, the damage is not permanent, and you can repair it.

Clean the washing machine with a cup of white vinegar mixed with water. This will help you remove dishwasher pod residue and any buildup. Try to use hot water, as this will help dissolve the remaining pod pieces.

In case you see any major issues in the washing machine after using dishwasher pods, it would be wise to seek professional help.

What are The Best Alternatives to Dishwasher Pods to Use for Laundry?

If you ran out of laundry detergent, here are some alternatives that you can use instead of dishwasher pods:

  • Laundry Soap Sheets — New in the market but available in shops. This product is basically laundry detergent in the form of sheets.
  • Laundry Balls — Made with natural substances that help in removing stains and dirt from fabrics.
  • Borax or Baking Soda — Both of which are common in grocery stores. You can use any of these to wash clothes. They usually help in removing stains, odors, and whitening clothes.
  • Vinegar — It’s an effective option to get rid of buildup and clean clothes with a good scent. However, this method needs an additional wash cycle to clean vinegar properly. 
  • Soap nuts — This is a mild alternative to laundry detergents made from soapberry shells. It can remove dirt and odors from clothes effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions by people.

Q: What is the difference between dishwasher pods and washing machine pods?

Dishwasher pods contain more chemicals, don’t dissolve in cold water, and create more foam than washing machine pods. Therefore, dishwasher pods are not suitable for clothes and washing machines. 

Q: Are laundry pods unsafe like dishwasher pods?

No, laundry pods are safe to use in the washing machine, unlike dishwasher pods. Laundry pods are formulated with fewer chemicals and are suitable for clothes. 

Q: Can I use dishwasher liquid instead of pods?

No, all dishwasher products are the same as dishwasher pods; hence, you can’t use dishwasher liquid for washing clothes in the washing machine. 


So the answer to “Can you put a dishwasher pod in the washing machine?” is – no, you can’t, as these pods are specially made for washing dishes.

For the best cleaning results and to prevent potential damage, it is always safe to only use detergent. However, there are multiple detergents available in the market. Choose one specifically made for use in the washing machine. 

Leave dishwasher pods for dishwashing duties to avoid unwanted side effects from using the wrong product. Similarly, if you use any alternatives of laundry detergents, clean your machine to minimize buildups.

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