Can You Put a Down Jacket in the Washing Machine

Can You Put a Down Jacket in the Washing Machine? Know the Facts

Some people fear that their down jacket will get ruined if they wash it, especially if cleaned in a washing machine. But cleaning is essential to maintaining the proper condition of your down jacket. 

So, can you put a down jacket in the washing machine? The answer is yes, you can put down jackets in washing machines. It is, in fact, the quickest way of cleaning down jackets. 

But to properly clean a down jacket in a washing machine, you have to follow some simple but important steps. It’s simple, but not like cleaning other normal clothes. There are multiple things to be aware of when cleaning your down jacket using a washing machine. 

Can You Put a Jacket Down in a Washing Machine?

Putting a down jacket in a washing machine is recommended by many manufacturers compared to hand cleaning. Although washing a down jacket by hand is possible, it takes a significant amount of time and effort. 

Cleaning a down jacket once every two months or once a season is critical, depending on how much it is used. You also need to be conscious of molds, germs, and bacteria and how to deal with the microbes we wear.

Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning Down Jacket in Washing Machine

You must follow a proper guide to ensure that your down jacket doesn’t get ruined in machine cleaning. This will save your much-adored and expensive down from an unfortunate disaster.

Pre-Wash Stain Treating

The first thing you need to do is check for any heavy build-up of mud, dirt, or stain. You have to get rid of it by hand. To do this, you have to do the following. 

  • Soak the spot in warm water. 
  • Use a normal detergent or soap to rub on the spot. 
  • Use a tool to scrub the stain or dirty spot. A toothbrush is cheap and ideal here. You can use the brush in a circular motion on the spot. Don’t be too harsh, as it may damage the fabric.
  • When the stain is no longer visible, soak it in warm water again and get rid of all the detergent properly. It’s essential to rinse the wet places properly.
  • Use your hands to declutter the clumped-up fabric on the wet spot.
  • You can use stain removers for specific types of stains. 

Most people choose to remove stains at home as dry cleaners may ruin clothes while trying to get rid of stains. 

So it’s completely understandable if you are wondering how to remove stains from clothes at home better than the dry cleaner.

Preparing the Jacket For Wash

Before putting the down jacket inside the washing machine, you have to do a few things.

  •  Zip up all the chains and make sure that there’s nothing in your pocket.
  • You also have to turn your jacket inside out and then put it in the machine.

Preparing the Washing Machine

Before you put the down jacket inside the washing machine, you have to check a few things.

  • You must use a front loader washing machine. Top loaders have powerful agitators that might tear or rip the down jacket. Your jacket might not spin well in top loaders as well.
  • Cleaning the detergent dispenser is very important. There should not be any prior build-up of detergent or fabric softener residues. Normal detergents use harsh chemicals that may ruin the fabric. They will also put a white coat over the coat, which minimizes the loft of the jacket.
  • Make sure that there’s no water from the previous wash left in the washing machine.

Washing Down Jacket with Washing Machine

Now comes the main part of the whole process. After completing the previously mentioned stuff, you can put the down jacket in the machine.

  • Put the down specific detergent in the detergent holder of the washing machine. Nikwax Down Wash, ReviveX Down Cleaner, Granger’s Down Wash, etc., are recommended.
  • Only put one down jacket and no other clothes in the washing machine. 
  • Set the temperature to 30 or 40 degrees Celsius. It is recommended to check the labels on your down jacket to see the recommended temperature and other things for your jacket machine wash.
  • Use a long and gentle wash cycle. Put it at the highest spin (around 1100) and rinse. 

Knowing about the ingredients used is quite important. What’s in your laundry detergent? is a good question to ask to know which detergents are a big no-no for down jackets.

Dryers for Proper Machine Wash Finishing

Drying is also an important step after washing down the jacket, as this step is instrumental in bringing back the loftiness of the down. You need to check a few things for this.

  • Set the dryer’s temperature from mid to low heat, which is from 50 to 30 degrees Celsius. 
  • Now put 2 or 3 low-weight dryer balls or tennis balls inside the dryer with the down jacket. When the dryer spins, the balls will tumble on the jacket and declutter the wet, clumpy fabric spots. 
  • The drying process may take 45 mins to 1 hour or more. Open the dryer in between to check the condition of your jacket and, if needed, use your hands to declutter some spots. 
  • Only use the jacket after drying the jacket properly

Tips for Washing Down Jacket in Washing Machine

There are certain things that you should put down in red marking to avoid doing while using the washing machine to clean your down jacket. Also, there are some hacks that might prevent some random issues while using a washing machine. So some tips may help in preventing these issues.

  • Washing Too Many Times Will Ruin Jackets – only wash the down jacket once a season or once a month. This should depend on how frequently you have to wear your jacket. Too much washing with a machine will damage the fabric.
  • Use Dry Towels In Washing Machine – Sometimes the drum doesn’t spin well due to weight imbalance. So the jacket remains soaking wet. To avoid this issue, put a couple of dry towels with the jacket. This will balance the weight, and spinning will be back to normal.

Frequently Asked Question

Since you have to follow some specific steps to wash down jackets in washing machines, few issues may arise. There are some common questions that most people ask while washing their jackets in washing machines.

Does a down jacket lose loft after being washed in the washing machine?

Yes, it does. This is completely normal, as it also happens when manually cleaning the down jacket. Drying properly will fix the issue. 

Does the washing down jacket in the washing machine ruin the jacket?

It depends on how you wash the jacket. The washing process is very crucial here. 

Is it time-consuming to use a washing machine in a washing down jacket?

No. Washing and drying down jackets by hand is a lengthy process. Depending on the weather, it might take up to 3 or 4 days. But with the washing machine, you can do so within 3 to 4 hours. 

Final Words

Washing a down jacket in a washing machine saves time and effort and increases the jacket’s lifespan and durability. So the answer is yes when you wonder “Can you put a down jacket in the washing machine?”

If you follow the correct process of washing a down jacket in the washing machine, then you can easily finish the job. But without proper guidelines, the results may take a wrong turn.

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