Can You Put A Durag In The Washing Machine

Can You Put A Durag In The Washing Machine? Yes/No?

Durag keeps your hair in place, along with keeping it protected from dust. But sweat from your head and the dust from the environment make it dirty too fast, and you need to clean it too frequently. When it comes to cleaning, machine wash is certainly a great option.

But wait. Can you put a durag in the washing machine? Certainly! You can machine wash your durag, which is made of polyester, cotton, nylon, etc. You just need to follow the proper washing procedure. However, velvet and silk durags are not recommended for machine wash.

In this guide, I will help you on how to machine wash your durag. Also, I will talk about hand washing your durag. So, to get your durag cleaned, read on till the end.

Can You Put a Durag in the Washing Machine?

Durags are made of different materials. The materials include silk, nylon, cotton, satin, polyester, velvet, etc. Most fabrics are machine washable. So, yes, you can ideally machine wash your durag.

However, don’t machine wash if your durags are made of velvet and silk. This is because velvets and silks are delicate fabrics. So, it might not withstand the abrasive motion of the machine washing cycle.

Anyway, you can still machine wash if you use the most gentle wash cycle with some precautions. But I do not recommend you to do so. If you still want to machine wash your velvet durag, please do it at your own risk.

How to Machine Wash Your Durag? Step-By-Step Procedure

To wash your durag in the washing machine, you have to go through some pretty common steps. Here is the procedure discussed below, step by step.

Gather Necessary Equipment

To wash your durag in a washing machine, you will need to gather the following things. 

Put Your Durag in a Laundry Or Mesh Bag

Now, put your durags in the mesh or laundry bag. The purpose of using a laundry bag is to safeguard your durags from the abrasiveness and harshness of the washing machine cycle. 

You also can add some of your regular clothes like shirts and T-shirts with the durags inside the laundry bag. It reduces the risk of deterioration of your durags. In this way, you can wash velvet and silk durags, too, though they still have some risk. 

Put Mild Detergent in the Machine Dispenser

Put mild detergent in the dispenser of your washing machine. Mild detergents only contain surfactants that clean the dirt and stains but don’t pose any chemical risk to your durags. 

On the other hand, if the machine is front-loaded, it would be best. Because front-loaded washing machines have less abrasiveness than top-loading machines. 

Start The Washing Cycle

It is time to start the machine with the most delicate cycle of your washing machine. The delicate cycle will spin slowly, reducing the chance of wear and tear on your durags. 

Delicate cycle will feature 400 to 500 rpm. However, don’t forget to use cold or a little warm water. Avoid using hot water. Hot water can deteriorate your durags, or they can be shrunk. 

Set the time to 45 to 60 minutes and leave it for this time. 

Rinse the Durags

After the washing cycle is completed, it’s time to rinse the durags. Rinse them with cold water by hand. Or you can set a rinse cycle in your washing machine. 

After rinsing well, flick the durags to wipe off the remaining water into the durags. Don’t wring them. Wringing can leave flexion on your durags. 

Air Dry the Durag

Finally, the washing is done. Now, air dry your durags. Please don’t put them under direct sunlight. Hang them under any shed in the open place. 

Also, don’t use a dryer to dry them. The dryer can shrink the fabric of your durags. 

How Do You Hand Wash Your Silk and Velvet Durags?

If your durags are made of silk or velvet, no worries. You can simply hand wash them perfectly. And to be honest, this won’t take as much time as a machine wash. 

Here are the steps discussed for your convenience. 

Mix Mild Detergent With Water

Mix a teaspoon of mild detergent in one liter of cold water and mix the detergent with the water properly. Stir the water until it makes enough foam. 

Soak the Durags in the Water

After making the detergent mixture, soak the durags in the water. Leave them for 10 to 15 minutes. 

Rub the Durags

After soaking for 10 to 15 minutes, it’s time to rub your silk or velvet durags. You have to rub them gently to remove any stains and dirt gently. Check if all stains and dirt are gone. 

If not, then soak the durags in the detergent mixture for an additional 10 minutes and rub them again. Hope this time it will clean all stains and dirt. 

Rinse the Durags

After cleaning well, rinse the durags in cold water. Don’t wring them. Simply flick them or leave them hanging in the bathroom hanger to wipe off the water. 

Air Dry Them

Hang the durags in an open place to dry. Don’t hang them under direct sunlight, as I said earlier. 

Here’s how you can hand wash your durags in the following video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some additional questions that will calm your curiosity about washing durags. 

Should I really need to wash my durags?

Certainly! Durags come across a lot of sweat in your everyday usage. They also draw a lot of dirt from your surroundings. So, regularly washing your durags is a must. It is as important as washing your other clothes. 

How often should I wash my durags?

It depends on several factors. If you use your durags and do heavy work with a lot of sweating, you should wash them once every two days. If you use them for general purposes, washing your durags once a week is okay. 

Can I spot-clean my durags instead of machine wash?

Yes, you can spot-clean your durags if they don’t get so much dirt and sweat. Simply make the mixture of mild detergent and water. Dampen a clean cloth and rub the stain or dirt on your durag.

Final Words

So, now you know the answer to the question “Can you put a durag in the washing machine?” You certainly can do so. But, hand washing the durags is more efficient. 

You also can spot-clean the durags. But remember, don’t implement any harsh washing cycle or process. Clean your durags regularly to keep them clean and dirt and mold-free.

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