Can you put a jute rug in the washing machine

Can You Put A Jute Rug in The Washing Machine? A Complete Guide Is Here

When jute rugs get dirty, washing them becomes a challenge. Nowadays, people use washing machines to wash clothes and rugs. But can you put a jute rug in the washing machine

The answer is no. You can’t! Still, questions remain: why and what to do then? A wise decision is to follow a proper washing guide for cleaning jute rugs. Otherwise, your favorite jute rugs can be damaged. 

Here, you will get the reasons why you can’t use washing machines to clean a jute rug and also a washing guideline. Let’s get started. 

Can You Put A Jute Rug in the Washing Machine? Obviously No!

Can You Put A Jute Rug in The Washing Machine

Before learning the cleaning process, let’s address the core question. ‘Can you put a jute rug in the washing machine?’ No, you can’t.  Putting a jute rug in the washing machine is not appropriate. Washing machines can damage the fiber of jute rugs completely. 

But don’t worry, I will share the best practices for keeping your jute rug clean. You can clean your jute rugs without using any washing machine. Let’s learn why jute rugs need extra care. 

Why Can’t You Machine Wash Your Jute Rugs? Reasons Explained

Why Can’t You Machine Wash Your Jute Rugs

Jute rugs are prepared with natural fiber composites. Jute rugs are also more delicate than synthetic rugs. 

Here’s why jute rugs need special care:

  • Natural Fibers: Jute rugs are made from natural plant fibers. It makes them sensitive to moisture and excessive friction.
  • Absorbency: Jute is known for its absorbent nature. Machine washing can lead to extensive water absorption. It damages the rug’s structure.
  • Friction and Agitation: The mechanical action of a washing machine can cause jute fibers to break down.
  • Shrinkage: When the jute comes in touch with water, the jute shrinks. A machine wash may leave you with a much smaller rug than you started with.

How to Clean Jute Rugs at Home Without Washing Machine? 4 Easy Methods

How to Clean Jute Rugs at Home Without Washing Machine

Cleaning jute rugs might seem difficult without a washing machine. But it is not. You can easily clean a jute rug if you follow proper cleaning methods. There are many cleaning methods you will find online. 

Among all these, 4 of them are the easiest ones.  Let’s explore 4 simple and cost-effective cleaning methods to clean your jute rugs. 

Method 1: Baking Soda Deodorizer

Baking soda is a moisture and odor absorber. You can safely use this for cleaning jute rugs. 

Here are the steps you should follow to clean your jute rugs with baking soda. 

  • Step 1: Sprinkle baking soda generously over your jute rug. Add some water not too much.
  • Step 2: After adding water, gently scrub it into the rug using a soft brush. 
  • Step 3: After cleaning, dry the rug using a fan or dryer. 

Pros: Effective odor removal, especially in homes with pets or kids.

Cons: Requires some elbow grease; may not eliminate stubborn stains.

Method 2: White Vinegar Stain Remover

White vinegar is easy to get as it is available in every household. It is also known as the best stain remover. White vinegar works perfectly on the jute rug. 

Follow the steps below to clean your jute rugs with white vinegar. 

  • Step 1: Take a bowl and create a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and warm water.
  • Step 2: Apply the mixture to the stained area using a cloth. Gently rub the area until the stain is gone. 
  • Step 3: After cleaning, let it sunbathe for an hour before storage.

Pros: Effective stain removal; easy to clean at home.

Cons: Brief vinegar scent; sunlight exposure is required.

Method 3: Mild Dish Soap and Water Cleanser

Dish soap is gentle on natural fibers and effective in cleaning. It works properly on jute rugs. This doesn’t damage the rug’s fiber and removes all the dirt from the rug. 

Let’s learn the process of cleaning jute rugs with dish soap and warm water.

  • Step 1: Mix a teaspoon of mild dish soap with warm water.
  • Step 2: Gently scrub the stained area with the soapy mixture, then wipe away with a clean, damp cloth.
  • Step 3: Dry the area with a fan, or dryer or use natural sunlight. 

Pros: Safe for jute; readily available at home.

Cons: It may not work on all stains. 

Method 4: Salt and Club Soda Trick

Salt works as an absorber and club soda works on the stain of jute rug. They don’t damage the fiber of the rug. 

Here’s how to use this method to clean the jute rug. 

  • Step 1: Sprinkle salt over a fresh spill, then pour some club soda. Here, club soda works as a substitute for water. 
  • Step 2: Take a piece of cloth and then lightly dab until it is clean completely. 
  • Step 3: Dry the rug immediately using a fan or sunlight. 

Pros: Effective on fresh spills; simple and quick.

Cons: It doesn’t work on old or set-in stains.

Tips for Maintaining Your Jute Rug

Tips for Maintaining Your Jute Rug

Remember, maintenance is a must for jute rugs. Otherwise, jute rugs will be damaged gradually. There are some tips for maintaining jute rugs that you can follow simply.

Let’s explore the maintenance tips together. 

Regular Maintenance

Vacuum it at least once a week properly. It removes loose dirt from the rug. Ensure that the vacuum cleaner has a soft brush, It prevents damage to the fibers. 

Avoid Excessive Moisture

Jute rugs are sensitive to water, so steer clear of excessive moisture. Remember, soaking or steam cleaning is not allowed.  It expands the fibers and leads to damage. 

Additionally, don’t keep your rug in high-humidity areas like bathrooms or basements. The reason is moisture in these areas leads to mold and mildew growth.

Rotate the Rug

Turn the rug regularly to keep it wearing evenly and avoid lasting dents.  It spreads out the footsteps and sunlight on the rug. This makes it last longer.

Professional Cleaning

You can clean your jute rug by yourself. But it’s a good idea to get it professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months. Professional cleaners have the expertise and specialized equipment to deep clean. 

They know their job.  They can easily remove stubborn stains without causing any damage to the rug.

Frequently Asked Questions

By now all your confusion should be clear regarding cleaning a jute rug in the washing machine.  But here are three more questions about jute rug cleaning. Go through them to learn more.

Q: Does jute shrink after cleaning?

Jute usually doesn’t shrink after cleaning. However, be cautious with moisture and cleaning methods to avoid damage. Follow care instructions for best results. Remember to maintain jute rugs regularly. 

Q. Can you shampoo a jute rug?

No, you can’t. Avoid shampooing a jute rug as it can lead to color changes. Shampoo also weakens the jute due to excess moisture. Quick drying is essential to prevent mold or mildew growth.

Q. Can I use hydrogen peroxide on the jute rug for cleaning?

You can clean your jute rug with a mixture of clean water and hydrogen peroxide if necessary. Use a sponge or cloth to gently remove dirt or stains. Before proceeding, it’s a good idea to test a small. Ensure that the hydrogen peroxide solution doesn’t harm the jute fibers or affect the rug’s color.

Final Thought

Finally, I believe you got the answer to the question, ‘Can you put a jute rug in the washing machine?’ Remember, washing jute rugs in the washing machine can cause damage. These rugs need extra care while washing them. 

Stick to regular vacuuming, spot cleaning, and professional cleaning when needed to keep your jute rug in pristine condition. By following my suggested guidelines, you can clean your rugs. With the right care, your jute rug will stay fresh and beautiful.

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