Can You Put a Squishmallow in the Washing Machine

Can You Put a Squishmallow in the Washing Machine? Follow These Steps

Squishmallows are soft and cuddly plush toys that kids and adults enjoy cuddling with. However, they’re also more prone to dirt, as people can’t resist holding them. When it comes to cleaning them, people often wonder whether a washing machine is an option.

So, can you put a Squishmallow in the washing machine? While most tags recommend dry or spot cleaning, you can wash them in the machine. However, only clean it on a gentle cycle using cold water and place it in a laundry bag to prevent damage. Also, allow it to air-dry in a well-ventilated location before using it again.

The article discusses more information on washing Squishmallow in the washing machine, including the steps to follow and potential risks. Read on.

Can You Put a Squishmallow in the Washing Machine?

Squishmallows can be put and washed in a washing machine when dirty. The constant squeezing and cuddling usually exposes them to much dirt, and must be regularly cleaned. Using the washing machine is fast and easy, especially if you own many Squishmallows.

However, the Squishmallow tag often recommends spot or dry cleaning it instead of using the machine. This is mainly to prevent the fabrics and materials they are made with from getting damaged. 

What Are Squishmallows Made of?

Squishmallows are mainly made with soft spandex on the outside and polyester fibers on the inside. The popularly used fabric is called “mochi minky,” which is over 90% polyester, and the rest is spandex. The material is why the Squishmallow stretches back to its size after squishing it.

How to Properly Wash a Squishmallow in the Washing Machine?

While washing a Squishmallow using a washing machine is possible, there are various steps you should follow to prevent damage. Usually, the tag contains information about cleaning, including the detergents to use.

The steps to follow include the following. 

Step 1. Prepare the Squishmallow

The first thing you do when cleaning your Squishmallow with a washing machine is to prepare it. Place it in a pillowcase or washing net to prevent direct contact with the washer and other items, which can damage it.

Some Squishmallows are large and cannot fit in a regular washing net or pillowcase. In this case, use your bed sheet to wrap it before placing it in the washing machine. Also, remove the tag, which in some cases can be restored once done washing.

Step 2. Load The Squishmallow

Once the Squishmallow is ready, load it in the washing machine. The Squishmallow can be placed in the washing machine together with bedding and some other soft stuffed toys. Adding these other things will help prevent it from getting too squished during the wash.

For larger Squishmallows that cannot fit in your washing machine, you may need to take them to a laundromat. Laundromats have the bigger washing machine that this plush toy can fit into.

However, if you don’t trust them to handle your Squishmallow well, you can use the following option.

  • Cut an opening on the stitching along your squish mallow’s backside.
  • Unstuff the Squishmallow.
  • Place the materials in pillowcases.
  • Place the pillows and the skin in the washer.

Step 3. Set and Add Detergents

Set your washing machine to a gentle cycle, which will not agitate the fabrics on the Squishmallow. Also, use a cold water setting for the wash since warm water will fade the toy’s color.

Add gentle fabrics or mild detergents recommended by the manufacturer. However, some users claim that normal detergents also work fine for them as long as they don’t include bleach.

Step 4. Start Washing

Once everything is ready, start washing the Squishmallow. If the Squishmallow is not heavily soiled, you can clean it in a quick wash cycle, which lasts 30 minutes. However, you can use the full washing cycle, which takes about an hour.

An extended spin cycle after washing can help reduce the drying time

Step 5. Air Dry

Remove the Squishmallow from the washing machine and hang it in a well-ventilated area to dry naturally. You can also place it outside, though, while still in the pillowcase to dry.

While some people use dryers and other heat appliances, like hairdryers, using them is usually not advised. If you use these appliances but forget to set them on low, you may melt your Squishmallows, damaging them.

Step 6. Fluff it

Once dry, the Squishmallow may still have some stuffing that isn’t broken up completely. Squish it for some time to get it back in shape and get the fluffy feeling back on again.

If you had cut your plush toy before cleaning to get it to fit in the washer, now is the best time to put the stuffing back. Carefully place everything back on the and close the stitches with a needle and thread.

Risks of Putting a Squishmallow in the Washing Machine

While washing a Squishmallow in the washing machine is usually successful, it has various potential risks. Below are these potential risks;

  1. The Squishmallows fabric can get damaged, especially if you use strong detergents when cleaning.
  2. There’s a risk of color bleeding or fading, reducing your Squishmallow’s vibrance.
  3. Also, washing (using any method) exposes the Squishmallow to mold growth if it doesn’t get enough time to dry. Cuddling with this plush toy during this time can expose you to mold allergy, among other health issues.

Other Squishmallow Cleaning Options Besides Using a Washing Machine

Besides washing machines, there are other ways you can wash the Squishmallows. While these ways are not as fast as the washing machine, they are safer and less likely to cause damage.

1. Handwash

Handwashing is one of the options and among the two recommended by the manufacturers. Hand washing involves the steps below. 

  • Add some cold water to the sink or basin.
  • Add soft detergents.
  • Place the Squishmallow in the sink or basin.
  • Gently squeeze and release it to release dirt inside.
  • Gently rub on more stubborn stains.
  • Remove from the water and squeeze to remove excess water.
  • Rinse, then hang on the lines to air dry.

2. Spot Clean

Spot cleaning is the other recommended option, especially when removing stains and dirt. This method involves the following. 

  • Wet your rag or towel.
  • Place it on the stained area and blot it.
  • Repeat until the stain is gone.

3. Use Stain Remover Pen

A stain remover pen can be an option for more stubborn grease stains on your Squishmallow. This method involves the steps below. 

  • Wipe the stain with a wet wipe.
  • Apply the stain remover.
  • Let it sit for a while for the various things, including hydrogen peroxide, to break the stain.
  • Wipe with a wet wipe.

Related Questions

When learning about washing Squishmallows in washing machines, several question answers can help better your research. Check them out below. 

Can Washing Machines Ruin a Squishmallow?

If done wrongly, the washing machine can ruin a Squishmallow, including fading its color. The damage can be due to exposure to hot water and using the wrong settings. Follow the steps discussed in the article or use other washing options, like hand washing and spot cleaning.

How Often Should I Clean My Squishmallow?

The rate at which you wash your Squishmallow depends on its purpose in the home. For Squishmallows that are regularly cuddled, slept on, or placed on the floor, wash them twice a month. For those only used for display and barely touched, you can wash them every month or when dirty.

Can Squishmallow Be Dried in The Washer?

Squishmallows can be dried using the washer, though on the lowest settings. The risk of using this method is melting it, which can happen if the heat is too high. If you have time, you can air dry it in a well-ventilated area, reducing the risk.

Final Thoughts

Washing Squishmallows isn’t complicated, thanks to the washing machine. You can put your Squishmallows in a pillowcase and load them into the washing machine. Follow the steps discussed in the article for better results and avoid damaging your plush toy.

You can also use other cleaning options to stay safe from the various potential problems discussed in the article. These options include spot cleaning and using a stain remover pen for stains and dirt. You can also hand-wash it following the steps in the article. Don’t use a harsh wash cycle if you wash them in the washing machines.

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