Can You Put Air Force 1 In a Washing Machine

Can You Put Air Force 1 In a Washing Machine? [Answered]

Every outfit or shoe has its own cleaning process. The Nike brand has given their recommendation in the user’s manual. But what if anyone wants to wash easily? Can you put Air Force 1 in the washing machine?

Yes, you can wash your Air Force 1 in a washing machine, but that can harm the shape. It can reduce the shoe’s life span and affect the adhesive materials. Still, you can wash with less harm by following some tricks. It will be great if you follow the manual ways to clean your Air Force 1.

This is only a short discussion of the whole article. You will learn the cleaning process in the washing machine step by step. Also, the manual processes that Nike recommended are given!

Can You Put Air Force 1 In a Washing Machine?

You can put your Nike Air Force 1 in the washing machine, but they do not recommend doing so. Rather, the Nike brand recommends cleaning the Air Force 1 by hand. 

While cleaning in the washing machine, continuous movement or cleaning techniques can cause harm to the shoe. Frequently cleaning in the washing machine can damage the shape of your Air Force 1.

However, cleaning can be possible in the washing machine by following some steps. These tips can save the pair from major harm but are still not one hundred percent effective. 

No matter how many safety precautions you follow, washing machines will still cause minor damage to Air Force 1. So, following the manufacturer’s recommendation will be the best cleaning technique for the high-quality leather shoe.

Also, Nike does not recommend submerging the whole shoe while cleaning. Moisture affects the adhesive materials of the shoe by reducing its effectiveness. Longevity will decrease when you clean your Air Force 1 in the washing machine. So, for maintaining quality and longevity, cleaning by hand is the best option.

How to Clean Air Force 1 in a Washing Machine?

To clean the Air Force 1 in the washing machine, you need to follow these steps:

Prepare The Shoe

First, detach the shoelace from the shoe. Use a toothpick to remove gum, pieces of brick, or dried mud from the shoe sole.

Use clean socks or small clothes to balance the shape of the shoe. You can also use plastic shoe trees. But if you do not have one, clothes or socks will also do well.

Ensure Security

Put the shoe and the shoelace in a pillow cover or laundry bag. If it is a pillow cover, make sure it does not emit color. Try using an old or white pillow cover.

Wash the shoe with other clothes to avoid damage and noise. Use heavy clothes like bed covers and bath towels. Never use any cloth that emits color during the cleaning process. Rather, using white clothes or pre-washed clothes will be safe.

Do not use any harsh detergent. Also, using too much detergent can reduce the softness of your shoe. Try to use sneaker detergent instead of any harsh detergent.

Prepare The Machine

Set at the lowest speed of your washing machine. If your washing machine comes with a special cool wash feature, then set it to that. Or you should set the temperature to the lowest point. Do not raise the temperature to thirty degrees.

Post-washing Activities

After washing, remove the socks from the shoe. If any mark leaves the shoe, then use a toothbrush with soap and water. Clean the area with fresh water.

Let your shoe dry in a ventilated area. You can put Air Force 1 in front of a fan. Avoid dryers or direct heat from the sun. UV rays can damage leather, as well as direct heat from the air dryer. The shoelace can be dried in the sun.

Pro Tips: Avoid using detergents containing bleach and hot water. Perform the cleaning process with cold water or water at room temperature. Follow this procedure when you do not have enough time to manually clean it.

Other Ways to Clean Air Force 1

You can follow the manual process of cleansing Air Force 1.

1. Cleaning with Toothpaste

This is the easiest way to clean your Air Force 1. Also, this cleaning material is available in every house. A white toothpaste brush can wash out the dirt on the shoe’s outer surface.

  1. Apply the white toothpaste to the outer surface.
  2. Dip the brush in water.
  3. Now, brush the surface gently.
  4. Dip a cloth in freshwater.
  5. After washing, remove the toothpaste with the help of a wet cloth.
  6. Keep the shoe in a ventilated space.

2. A mixture of Vinegar and Baking Soda

First, you should prepare the solution. Take one cup of water, add 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and 1 tablespoon of baking soda, and mix them. 

  1. Dip a clean cloth into the solution.
  2. Rub the shoe with the soaked cloth.
  3. After cleaning, wipe the shoe with a cloth dipped in fresh water.
  4. Let the show dry with good ventilation.

2. Use Sneaker Cleaner

Different types of sneaker cleaners are available. Sneaker cleaners are made to clean your shoes without doing any harm. So, it can be called the safest cleaning technique.

  1. Spray sneaker cleaner on the outer surface and sole.
  2. Dip the cleaning brush into clean water.
  3. Now, scrub the shoe with the brush.
  4. Dip a cloth in fresh water and clean the whole surface.
  5. Use the shoe after drying.

3. Use Melamine Foam

Before using, let the foam soak in water. Then, rub the shoe with the foam. Wipe the shoe with a cloth.

4. Washing The Shoelace

You can wash the shoelaces like the other clothes in your house. You can simply put it in the washing machine. Also, you can manually clean it with soap, shampoo, or detergent. Dry it well before using it.

These are the methods you can follow when you have enough time. Try to follow any of these processes, as they do not interfere with the longevity of your shoe.


These are some commonly asked questions by people about washing Air Force 1.

Q: How many times a year can I wash my Air Force 1 in a washing machine?

You can wash your Air Force 1 in a washing machine once or twice a year. But remember not to wash more than two times a year. If washed two times in a year, try not to clean more than once the next year.

Q: How do I clean oily dirt from Air Force 1?

To clean oily dirt from Air Force 1, you can use white vinegar or sneaker cleaner. The procedure is the same as cleaning the regular dirt. Let the vinegar remain on the spot for half an hour if not removed. Then, brush the spot.

Q: How do I remove bad odors from my Air Force 1?

To remove bad odor from your Air Force 1, use baking soda or an equal mixture of water and vinegar. Let it remain overnight. Remove the baking soda the next morning. Dry properly before wearing


Ensure not to harm the shape of your Air Force 1 while cleaning the washing machine. Put socks inside and white, soft, and big clothes outside. This two-way pressure will prevent damage to the shape and reduce noise. Keep the temperature and speed low.

Manually cleaning the Air Force 1 with a brush or clothes does not interfere with its longevity. Using a mixture of vinegar and baking powder, toothpaste, or sneaker cleaner can remove the dirt properly. Unless you are in a hurry, never put your Air Force 1 in a washing machine!

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