Can You Put Bath Mat In Washing Machine?

Can You Put Bath Mat In Washing Machine? Definitive Guide

To keep your bathroom clean and smelling fresh, it’s important to understand how to clean your bath mats properly. Many people try to clean their bath mats in the washing machine.

But can you put bath mats in the washing machine? It depends on what kind of bath mat you have. If your bath mat is made of 100% cotton, then you can wash it in the washing machine. But, you shouldn’t use the washing machine if your bath mat is made of the following materials: 

  • Nylon
  • Rubber
  • Jute
  • Bamboo
  • Natural Earth Stone
  • Viscoelastic foam

In this article, we will discuss whether it is okay to wash bath mats in the machine. We will also give you some tips on how to clean your bath mats. So, let’s dive in!

Can You Put Bath Mat In Washing Machine?

It’s safe to wash your cotton and microfiber bath mat in the washing machine.  Research suggests that washing cotton bath mats in lower temperatures and using high-efficiency detergents can clean them effectively. 

Remember, cotton fabrics tend to shrink unevenly when washed. According to a research paper, after 50 washing cycles, the wear on the cotton fabric in one direction was 41.19%. To avoid this, make sure to wash your cotton bath mats in cold water and use a good quality detergent.

However, some bath mats can get ruined if you try to wash them in the washer. Look at the table below to see which bath mats you shouldn’t put in the washing machine.

Type of Bath MatExplanationDisadvantageHow to Clean
Nylon Bath MatThe washing machine can be too harsh for nylon fibers.The mat’s surface may get damaged.Spot clean with a damp cloth and mild soap.
Rubber-Backed MatsRubber can break down in the washing machine.The rubber backing may crack.Hand wash or use a clean using a mild detergent.
Jute Bath MatsWater can weaken the natural jute fibers.May lose its durability and wear out quickly.Use a vacuum cleaner.
Hard Bamboo Bath MatsThey will get damagedThe color option is limited and may develop moldUse an anti-bacterial spray or wipe with a damp cloth.
Natural Earth Stone MatStone may become damaged or discolored in the machine.They are expensive.Rinse with water and wipe it with a dry cloth.
Cork Bath MatCork is sensitive to moisture and heat from the washer.Cork is hydrophobic which means it requires a lot of water to clean.Use an antibacterial spray and wipe it with a clean cloth
Latex Bath MatThe fast spinning mechanism of the washing machine will damage the latex.Latex may lose its grip and shape.Hand wash with mild soap and then air dry.
Viscoelastic Foam MatUsing a washing machine will break down the foam’s structure.May lose its softness and shape over time.Gently hand wash in a bathtub and air dry.

Why You Shouldn’t Wash Your Bath Mats In The Washer?

According to a research paper, about 90% of the washing machines in the US are front-loading high-efficiency washers. These washers use a horizontal axis to make your clothes tumble and get clean.

They rotate in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions to move the clothes through a small pool of water, flexing the fabric and getting rid of dirt and stains.

Bath mats made of natural earthstone, cork, and viscoelastic foam, are good at absorbing water. So, they become quite heavy when soaked.

If you try to wash these mats in the washing machine, the spinning motion will create a stronger force, and the added weight can damage the machine.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Washing Bath Mats In The Washing Machine?

Most people in the United States and Asia use conventional vertical-axis washers or high-efficiency washers to do their laundry. According to research, these machines consume around 1.4 trillion gallons of water and 270 trillion Btu of energy.

So, if you use your washing machine to clean your bath mats, it can negatively impact the environment. By simply washing your bath mats by hand, you can save water and energy. In addition, it will reduce your electricity costs.

Moreover, when you wash bath mats made of polyester and nylon in the washing machine, tiny pieces of plastic called microplastics are released. According to a report, these textiles contribute to 35% of the microplastic pollution found in our oceans worldwide.

Many bath mats have a soft and fluffy surface to make them comfortable and absorbent. However, if you wash these mats in the washing machine, it can damage their texture.

Also, a lot of bath mats come in vibrant colors and patterns. But when you repeatedly wash them in the machine, the colors can fade over time. This happens because of the strong detergents, water temperature, and the machine’s speed.

What Are The Alternative Methods Of Washing Bath Mats Without Using The Washing Machine?

If you want to wash your bath mats, there are alternative and eco-friendly methods that are just as convenient as using a washing machine. Below, we have provided a table listing the best methods for washing bath mats without a washing machine.

Clean The Stubborn SpotsApply a mixture of water, vinegar, and soap on the stains, scrub it, and then wash it with cold water.Removes stains quickly with little effort.Cost-effective for small areas.
Hand WashingSoak the bath mat in soapy water and scrub it with a scrubber.Best for regularly cleaning the bath mats.Low-cost as it uses a basic soap and wooden scrubber.
Use A Vacuum CleanerUse a vacuum cleaner to remove loose dirt, then wipe with warm water.This method can effectively remove loose dirt.Cost-effective compared to using the washing machine.
Keep Under The SunlightTake a broom and beat the bath mat to remove the excess dust on the surface. Then, keep it under sunlight for 1-2 hours.Helps to remove dust and kills accumulated bacteria.Cost-effective as it only requires a broom and natural sunlight.

For more information, check out this YouTube video.

Why It Is Important To Keep Your Bath Mats Clean?

It is important to keep your bath mats clean for the following reasons:

  • When you step on a clean, soft rug, it feels much nicer on your feet.
  • If you clean the rug regularly, it is easier to keep the whole bathroom clean.
  • Mold will start to accumulate if you do not clean and dry your damp bath mats.
  • If the rug gets dirty and stays that way, it can start to smell bad.
  • Sometimes, if the rug is dirty, it can become slippery. That means you might slip and fall when you step on it.
  • Our feet carry various bacteria, such as Staphylococcus, Beta proteobacterium, Brevibacterium, Micrococcus, and Propionibacterium. Keeping your bath mats clean helps prevent this bacteria from thriving and spreading.

People Also Asked

Read the FAQs we have given below to gain more knowledge on this topic.

Q: What is the best water temperature for washing bath mats in the washer?

You should use cold or slightly warm water to wash your bath mats in the washer. This is because hot water can shrink your bath mats.

Q: Can I hang bath mats in direct sunlight to dry them after washing?

Yes, you can. However, do not keep your bath mats under sunlight for a long time as it may fade the colors of your bath mat and weaken the fibers.

Q: Can I use vinegar to clean and disinfect my bath mats?

Vinegar is a popular cleaning item that can be used to clean various household items. Thus, you can use vinegar to help disinfect the bath mats and remove their bad smell.

Q: Can I use bleach to clean my bath mats?

You should not use bleach to clean your bath mats. This is because it can cause discoloration or damage to the mat. Instead, you can use liquid soaps or a mild detergent to clean your bath mats.

Final Words

In conclusion, you can clean your bath mats in the washing machine if it is made up of soft cotton or microfiber. You should avoid using a washer to clean your nylon, polyester, bamboo, jute, and viscoelastic foam bath mats. 

This is because machine washing will damage these bath mats and reduce their durability. Furthermore, using a washing machine is not cost-effective. Thus, it is best to use more eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and cost-effective methods to clean your bath mats.

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