Can You Put High Chair Cover In Washing Machine

Can You Put High Chair Cover In Washing Machine? All You Need to Know!

Food debris, stains, etc., are the most common scenes on high chair covers. Parents go through a tough time cleaning high chair covers regularly. So, many parents opt for putting the covers into the washing machine.

But, can you put high chair cover in washing machine? Yes, If the high chair cover is made of cotton or a synthetic mix, you can put it in a washing machine. But if there is vinyl on it, you should hand wash the cover.

Let’s learn more about the dos and don’ts of washing high chair covers to maintain hygiene for your kid.

Can You Put High Chair Cover In Washing Machine?

Well, you can, but when it’s cotton or synthetic mix cover. There are a lot of debates regarding whether you can wash a baby high chair cover in the washing machine. I will discuss several factors that can impact the answer.

Cover Material

Cotton or synthetic mix is a common material for high chair covers. Some covers have cushions to make them comfortable for babies. If the cover doesn’t have a cushion and it is made of cotton, you can wash it in a machine.

But if the cushion is built into the cover, you shouldn’t put that into the washing machine. I will talk about the risks in a bit.

Stain Type

If there are light stains on the cover, you can throw it into a washing machine without any problem. But covers with tough stains or grime may not be washed properly in the machine. You need to hand wash them before putting them into the machine.

So, the answer comes down to the material and condition of the cover. For a normal cotton cover without padding and tough stains, using a washing machine is better. But padded covers or vinyl covers aren’t machine washable. It is better to check the care instructions on the label.

Risks of Putting a High Chair Cover In Washing Machine

Let’s learn what happens when you choose to machine wash a high chair cover.

1. The Cover Can Get Damaged

High chair covers come in a wide variety of fabrics. If you have a cotton cover, that should be okay to machine wash. But, polyester covers may not withstand the stress in the machine. These covers will get stretched or ripped if the washing cycle isn’t right.

2. The Straps May Become Loose

Nylon straps are commonly used to fasten the covers with high chairs. If you put the covers with the nylon straps into a washing machine, the straps may become loose. So, attaching the covers to the chair will be a problem the next time.

3. Food Grime Can Cause Clogs

If a high chair cover is put into the machine without proper pre-cleaning, food debris can get into the machine. The debris will then get stuck into the crevices of the machine and can reach crucial components. If the drain pipes or other components get clogged, the regular operation of the machine will be hindered.

4. Covers Can Ruin Other Laundries

High chair covers are usually colorful to be attractive to children. If the cover isn’t machine washable and you still put it in a machine, the color can spread onto other laundry. Especially if you put white clothing in the same batch, the risk is higher.

How to Put a High Chair Cover In a Washing Machine?

If you follow the steps below, you can safely machine wash high chair covers. Check them out.

Step 1: Remove the Straps

Some high chairs have removable straps. You should remove the straps before cleaning the cover. If strap removal isn’t an option, you need to tuck them in one place using elastic bands.

Step 2: Clean All Food Debris

No food particles should be present on the cover while putting it in a washing machine. Check the whole cover for loose food particles and shake them off. If the food particles are stuck, use a soft brush to remove them.

Step 3: Pre-Treat the Cover

Pre-treating works great for tough stains. If the chair has stains from gravy or sauce, you must pre-clean the cover. For pre-cleaning, take a mild detergent solution in a small bowl.

Dip the stained area into the detergent solution and let it sit for some time. Then, use a brush to scrub the area until the stain is lightened or removed. If the stain is stubborn, you have to use vinegar and baking soda.

Take equal parts of vinegar and baking soda. Make a paste and apply the paste to the stained spot. Wait for about 10-15 minutes and scrub the spot gently. This should remove most of the stains effectively.

Step 4: Balance the Load

To prevent unnecessary stress on the high chair cover, you can put some old towels or other laundry with dark colors. If there are bad odors from the chair cover, use old towels instead of laundry.

Step 5: Use a Mild Detergent and Cold Water

High chair covers should always be washed using cold water. Warm water may alter the texture of the fabric. Use a mild laundry detergent and select cold water. If the cover is too soft, use a delicate cycle. Otherwise, you can use a gentle cycle to wash the cover. For smelly covers, you can use a pinch of baking soda.

Step 6: Use the Dryer or Air Dry the Cover

After washing the cover, put them in the dryer in a low setting. High heat can damage the cover fabric. It is best to air-dry the covers. Make sure they aren’t under direct sunlight. Otherwise, the color can fade quickly.

Step 7: Disinfect the Covers

A little spray of disinfectant won’t hurt. Various microbes can grow on high chair covers due to the abundance of food particles. Take a disinfectant spray and lightly apply the spray onto the cover. You can also do it before drying the cover.

Tips to Clean High Chair Cover Easily

As this is a regular task until your kid gets older, you need to follow some set rules to make washing easier. Here are some tips from my experience as a parent.

  1. Don’t let food particles sit on the chair cover for a long time. After every meal, try to brush the cover and remove crumbs from it. Regular cleaning makes machine washing more convenient.
  2. If the high chair cover is padded, you can put a homemade cover on the chair. It will protect the original cover from being stained. Plus, you can easily remove the cover and machine wash it.
  3. Don’t use harsh detergent or bleach to wash high chair covers in a machine. It will degrade the fabric. 
  4. Never use the high setting to wash a high chair cover. It will damage the cover.
  5. After washing high chair covers in a machine, check if there are any food particles inside that can clog the machine. Don’t forget to clean the drain pipes regularly to prevent clogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you put a high chair cover in a washing machine, check answers to some frequently asked questions. These will enlighten you further.

Q: Are leather high chair covers machine washable?

No. Leather high chair covers shouldn’t be washed in a machine. It can impact the durability of the cover. You should spot clean leather covers.

Q: Can Graco high chair covers be washed in a machine?

It depends on the specific model. Check the instructions on the label of the chair to find out if the material is machine washable. Shoulder straps on Graco high chairs are machine washable. But nylon straps should be washed by hand.

Q: How long can I wash high chair covers in a machine?

Depending on the filth and the fabric type, you should set a wash cycle between 30 and 40 minutes. 


High chair covers should always be clean and hygienic to make sure your lovely baby doesn’t become sick. If you rely on the washing machine to clean everything, it is time to pause a bit and think twice. Can you put high chair cover in washing machine?

Well, you can put a high chair cover in a washing machine if the cover is made of cotton and there is no built-in padding. Other covers shouldn’t be put in a machine. For covers with tough stains, I recommend pre-cleaning them first. Wash and use the covers with care so that your babies can use them for a long time.

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