Can You Put Longchamp Bag In Washing Machine

Can You Put Longchamp Bag In Washing Machine? [Expert Tips]

Longchamp bags are well-known for being well-made, stylish, and lasting a long time. But, when It is time to clean them, people often wonder what is the right way. The question that comes up a lot is if It is okay to wash a Longchamp bag in a washing machine.

Some materials, like nylon and canvas, can handle a machine wash. But for leather or mixed materials, It is better to be gentle. Always check the care label before washing.

Learn how to keep your favorite Longchamp bag looking great with these simple instructions using a washing machine.

Can Longchamp Bag Machine Washable?

It is recommended to hand wash to clean your Longchamp bag as it is the best way. If your bag is machine washable, then you can wash it because it is always an easy and fast solution.

Types of Longchamp Bags

Here is a table where you can easily know about washability according to Longchamp Bag’s materials:

Type of Materials Longchamp Bags UseSuitable for Machine Wash?Recommended Care Method
NylonYesGentle cycle, cold water, air dry.
LeatherNoSpot clean with a damp cloth and mild leather cleaner.
CanvasYesGentle cycle, cold water, air dry.   
Mixed MaterialsVariesCheck the care label for specific instructions.

It is crucial to check the care label for each specific bag. The care label will provide the most accurate instructions for proper cleaning and maintenance.

Machine Washing a Longchamp Bag: Step-by-Step Guide

Let’s see how to clean the Longchamp bag in the washing machine-

Materials Needed

  • Mild detergent
  • Pillowcase or laundry bag 
  • Soft-bristle brush or toothbrush
  • Towel
  • Lukewarm water
  • Soft cloth or sponge
  • leather conditioner 

For your convenience, here is a step-by-step guide with instructions.

Empty the Bag

Make sure the bag is empty first. Remove loose objects such as paper or small objects. Shake gently to avoid any surface debris.

Remove the Stains and Clean the Bag

If there are any marks on the bag. Use stain remover. Or use a soft cloth with warm water and mild soap. Gently dab the stained area. Don’t rub too hard, or it might spread.

Turn the bag inside out if possible. This will help keep the outside safe while washing.

Protect Sensitive Parts and Use a Mesh Bag

If your bag has metal or leather parts like buckles or handles, cover them with a small towel or cloth. This stops them from hitting the sides of the machine. 

Put your Longchamp bag in a mesh laundry bag or a pillowcase. This extra layer stops the bag from touching the washing machine drum.

Choose the Right Cycle

Set your washing machine to a gentle or delicate cycle. Don’t use bleach or strong detergents.

Use Cold Water and Mild Detergent

Use cold water to wash the bag. Hot water might make the colors run, or the material shrink. Use a mild detergent. Don’t use too much, or it might be hard to rinse out, and it could leave a residue on the bag.

Start Washing and Rinse Well: Press the button to start the machine. Let it run through the cycle. After the cycle ends, if your machine has an extra rinse option, use it. This makes sure all the detergent is gone.

Take Out and Air Dry

Take the bag out of the mesh bag or pillowcase. Gently reshape it. Don’t twist or wring the bag, as this can damage it. Leave the bag to dry in a place with fresh air. Keep it away from direct sunlight or heat. This might take a few hours to a whole night, depending on the material.

Give It a Final Touch

When dry, use a soft brush or a clean toothbrush to stroke the fabric gently. This brings back the texture.

If your bag has any leather parts. Then, Use a little bit of leather conditioner on a soft cloth or sponge. Gently rub it in with small circles. Let it sit for a few minutes. Then, use a clean cloth to make the leather shiny. Avoid over-saturating the leather with conditioner. A little is enough.

If the leather appears oily or sticky after applying the conditioner, use a clean cloth to blot away any excess. Do this every so often to keep your bag looking nice. That is how you take good care of it!

Watch a detailed tutorial video about- how to clean your Longchamp.

People Aslo Asked

Here are some commonly asked questions that can help clarify any uncertainties you may have. Take a look for more information.

How to Clean the Longchamp Bags By Hand That Are Not Machine Washable?

Clean a non-machine washable Longchamp bag by wiping it with a soapy cloth, rinsing it, and patting it dry with a towel. Handle stains cautiously. Let it air dry away from direct sunlight.

Are Longchamp Bags Waterproof for Machine Wash?

Yes, some Longchamp bags made of nylon can be machine-washed. But always follow the care instructions. They can resist some water, but they’re not fully waterproof. Too much water, especially in a machine, can harm them. Use a gentle cycle with cold water.

How to Remove Air Bubbles from a Longchamp Bag?

Gently smooth with a damp cloth. Then air dry it. Always test on a small area first.


Cleaning a Longchamp bag with a washing machine is a topic that requires careful consideration. Always check the label for special instructions. Remember to empty and clean it before washing. 

If there are any stains, be gentle when cleaning them. And don’t forget to protect any metal or leather parts. 

When you wash it, use cold water and mild soap, and let it air dry completely. If there’s leather, use a special conditioner to keep it soft. Following these steps will help your bag look great and last a long time!

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