Can You Put Sunbrella Fabric in Washing Machine?

Can You Put Sunbrella Fabric in Washing Machine? [Answered]

Before deciding on washing Sunbrella fabric, you must know it is made of solution-dyed. Washing any Acrylic-made product is a critical concern as it is water-repellent and cannot resist water penetration fully. But Sunbrella fabric cover or cushion becomes dirty over time, seeking cleaning.

So, can you put Sunbrella fabric in a washing machine? Yes, you can wash your Sunbrella fabric in a washing machine. You have to use cold water and very mild detergent. Also, the drying process needs to be natural.

These are not all; there are more you should know to incorporate the item’s durability. Let’s discuss those.

Can You Put Sunbrella Fabric in Washing Machine? Factors to Consider Before Washing

As we mentioned earlier, you can wash your Sunbrella Fabric in the washing machine. But, there are some crucial considerations. 

Before putting your Sunbrella in the washing machine, we suggest you consider three factors. The factors are manufacturer guidelines, dirt’s condition, and the Sunbrella item’s physical condition.

Manufacturer Guideline

As per the manufacturer, there are several types of Sunbrella fabrics that you are not allowed to put in a washing machine. In general, if your item is Shade, Sling, Horizon fabrics, etc., do not put that in a washing machine. 

Following the manufacturing characteristics, they are not machine washable. If you do machine washing, it will destroy the product. However, the drapery, throws, etc., and Sunbrella items are machine washable.

Dirt’s Condition

If the dirt or stain condition is not that much worse, there is no need to go for machine washing. Just use a clean brush at first on the respective area to get rid of loosely attached dirt. 

Then, take a clean cloth and make it wet using soft soap water. Use the cloth to rub the stained portion only. Repeat this step several times. Then, dry the fabric under natural sunlight.

Watch out for this YouTube video to learn more about cleaning Sunbrella without the help of a washing machine:

Age and Physical Condition of Fabric

If your Sunbrella fabric is very old and you can see the fiber strings are coming out, there is no point washing it in a machine. The physical condition of the fabric won’t support the stress of machine washing. 

We strongly recommend you not to go for machine washing of the Sunbrella fabric if it is already 3-5 years old. Also, if it is new but due to rough outdoor use, the physical condition is worse; do not do machine washing.

Guide on How to Do Machine Wash of Your Sunbrella Fabric

The following is the stepwise guideline to do the machine washing of Sunbrella fabric. Follow the steps carefully.

Step 01: Preparation 

Store your Sunbrella fabric in a dry and well-ventilated area to prevent mildew growth. Such occurrences can complicate stain and odor removal.

Step 02: Brushing

Arrange a soft-bristle brush. Use that one to gently eliminate loose debris and dirt from the fabric’s surface.

Step 03: Getting Rid of Excess Moisture 

Use a clean and fully dry towel to blot the stained area. It will effectively absorb any excess moisture. Remember, this step is crucial to preparing the fabric for the washing process.

Step 04: Washing Material Selection

Select a Mild Detergent. Choose a mild detergent that does not contain bleach or fabric softeners. To maintain the fabric’s integrity, it is essential to use such soft detergent.

Step 05: Pouring Water

Now, put cold water into the washing machine. Do not even think of using hot water. Hot or warm water will cause fabric shrinkage and damage.

Step 06: Setting and Starting Machine

Set the machine’s speed, or you can say the rotational speed at low. The reason is that it won’t put a lot of stress on the fabric. Remember, if you set the machine’s speed at high to finish the job quickly, the strings will come out, and some uneven portions will occur.

Step 07: Finishing Washing

Finally, take out the fabric. Here, you must not go for the automatic drying option. Machin drying is literally forbidden in the case of Sunbrella fabric.

Step 08: Drying

Dry Sunbrella fabric by hanging it outdoors in a well-ventilated area. This method facilitates effective air circulation, which is essential for preventing mold or mildew growth. Finally, you have done the machine washing of your Sunbrella fabric.

Tips to Increase the Durability of the Fabric After Washing

The below-mentioned tips are proven crucial to increase the longevity of Sunbrella fabric.

  • If you use it indoors, hang it outside under sunlight’s exposer once a month.
  • Avoid storing Sunbrella fabric when it is damp, as this can result in unpleasant odors.
  • Never use any fabric softener as a temporary solution, as it will harm the specialized coatings on the fabric responsible for its water resistance and UV resistance.
  • In the case of outdoor use, try your best to incorporate protective measures like restricting it from excessive sunlight exposure.

Final Words

Taking care of your Sunbrella fabric requires a blend of conscientious preparation, smart cleaning choices, and mindful post-wash practices. However, our answer is that putting Sunbrella fabric in the washing machine will help you effectively in the cleaning process. 

But following the washing process perfectly is not all. After washing, attention turns to proper drying and storage processes. However, unless machine washing isn’t the only option, we suggest you go for alternative cleaning methods like hand cleaning.

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