Can You Put UGGs in the Washing Machine

Can You Put UGGs in the Washing Machine? – Caution, Protection, and Process

Once you wear a pair of UGG boots, there’s no going back. As comfortable and luxurious as UGG boots are, they can be a hassle when it comes to washing them. And you might be tempted to throw them in your washing machine for a quick wash.

But can you put UGGs in the washing machine? According to the experts at UGGs, you shouldn’t put UGG boots in a washing machine as it can damage them beyond repair. However, some users have cleaned their UGGs in a washing machine using the delicate cycle and cold water.

Read on to discover whether it’s okay to clean your UGGs in a washing machine and what’s the right process to wash them.

Why You Shouldn’t Put UGGs in Washing Machines?

Why You Shouldn_t Put UGGs in Washing Machines

According to the official UGG website, you shouldn’t machine wash your UGG footwear as it can cause irreparable damage to the delicate sheepskin and suede materials. 

Also, the chemicals in the laundry detergent can damage the lining and padding of the boots. Below are the reasons why experts suggest against machine washing your UGG footwear:

Damage to the Sheepskin and Suede Material

Although UGG boots are resistant to water, they aren’t completely waterproof. Mostly, UGGs are made of sheepskin, suede, or similar synthetic material. One common trait of all these fabrics is that they are extremely delicate and can be easily ruined by harsh handling. 

As the washing machine runs its cycles, the sheepskin and suede fabrics become matted. Besides, the lanolin of the sheepskin is washed away, which is responsible for the natural softness of the UGG boots. This way, machine washing your UGGs can completely destroy their look and feel. 

Loss of Shape and Shrinking

When exposed to agitation, pressure, or heat from the washing machine, the sheepskin fibers interlock with each other. Once the fibers are interlocked, they might not go back to their original form after drying.

As a result, your UGGs will shrink and not fit you anymore after a machine wash. Besides, due to the pressure and movement inside the washing machine, the shape of UGGs can alter, leading to an undesirable appearance.

Permanent Water Stain

Inside the washing machine, your UGGs are submerged in water, causing the sheepskin material to absorb excess water. This way, machine washing results in over-saturation of your UGGs, leading to potential stretching, patches, and permanent water stains.

Separation of the Stitching and Lining

Due to the spinning motion and high pressure of the washing machine, the stitching on your UGGs might be compromised. It can also affect the lining inside UGGs, making them wear faster.

On top of that, the washing process will weaken the adhesive that holds the soles in place. Therefore, a machine wash can cause your boot seams to come apart, detach the sole, and bunch up or tear the lining.

Color Fading

If you use a typical laundry detergent while washing your UGGs in a machine, you’re exposing the boot surface to harsh chemicals. It can easily fade the color of your UGGs and make them look old and unattractive. Some detergents contain bleach, which can completely wash off the color of your UGG boots.

How to Wash Your UGGs in a Washing Machine without Any Damage?

How to Wash Your UGGs in a Washing Machine without Any Damage

So, you’ve learned about the risks of machine washing your UGGs, yet you’d like to give it a try? If you have an old pair of UGGs that you don’t mind potentially ruining, you can toss them in your washing machine.

However, you must follow the right process to make sure there’s little to no damage to the fabric. Here’s a step-by-step guide to machine wash your UGGs:

Step One – Brush Off the Dirt and Debris

Before you put your UGGs in the machine, you need to make it as clean as possible. Otherwise, the extra dirt and debris might spread and ruin the appearance of your boots. 

Use a soft-bristled brush to remove the excess dirt from the outer surface of your UGGs. A vacuum will be useful to clean the inner portion.

Step Two – Put the UGGs in a Mesh Laundry Bag

To provide an extra layer of protection, you need to keep your UGGs in a mesh laundry bag. It will limit the movement of the boots and collect the separated fleece and fabrics. 

You can also stuff the washer tub with pieces of clothing, such as microfiber towels, to further protect the UGGs from excessive pressure and agitation.

  • Pro Tip: Put some plastic or extra clothing inside the boots so that your precious footwear doesn’t lose its shape. Add some extra clothes to the machine as well for a smooth cycle. 

Step Three – Use the Right Detergent and Washing Cycle

Till now, we’re done with the preparation. It’s time to put your UGGs inside the washing machine. In this case, try to use a front-loading washing machine instead of a top-loading one, as it’s a safer choice. 

Add about 4 tablespoons of mild, odorless, and color-free detergent to the washing machine. It’s best if you use a detergent specifically formulated for sheepskin or suede. 

Avoid using bleach or harsh detergents to protect the color and material of your boots. After that, run the washing machine and wash your UGGs on a delicate/gentle cycle with cold water.

  • Pro Tip: Choose a liquid detergent so that it’s mixed evenly with the water and there are no ugly patches on your UGGs.

Step Four – Air Dry the UGGs

When you’re done washing your UGGs, avoid putting them in a tumble dryer. Also, don’t use any excessive heat, as it will cause the delicate sheepskin to shrink.

After the cycle, reshape the UGGs and stuff them with paper towels to maintain their shape. Simply air dry the UGGs in a shady area, and your boots will be dry, clean, and pristine in 24 hours only.

What’s the Best Way to Clean Your UGGs?

When it comes to cleaning your UGGs in the safest way, there’s no alternative to using the UGG Clean and Care Kit. Here’s what you get in this complete cleaner package:

What's the Best Way to Clean Your UGGs
  • UGG Sheepskin Protector: This protective spray is resistant to water and stain. So, every time you put on your UGGs, spray the protector on the outer surface to avoid the need for a wash.
  • Cleaner & Conditioner: No worries if you already stained your UGGs, as the cleaner will remove all types of stubborn marks without damaging the sheepskin. Also, the special conditioner will keep the fabric soft and bright no matter how many times you wash the boots.
  • Shoe Renew: When you’re done washing your UGGs, spray the UGG Shoe Renew to eliminate any unpleasant odor from your UGGs.
  • Bamboo Handle Brush & Suede Scuff Eraser: Quickly brush off the unwanted dirt, debris, and marks from your UGGs using these soft yet effective brush and eraser.

A Guide to Handwashing Your UGGs: Step-by-Step

A Guide to Handwashing Your UGGs

Not ready to spend on the UGG Clean and Care Kit? Don’t worry; you can always hand wash your delicate boots to thoroughly clean them while protecting their luxurious look and feel. 

Follow the steps given below to effectively wash your UGGs and remove all types of stains:

Step One – Prepare the UGGs

Remove all the dirt and debris from your boots by giving them a gentle shake and scrubbing with a soft brush. You can also use a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth to remove the stubborn dirt.

After that, you need to fill a bucket with lukewarm water and add a small amount of mild soap or detergent. You’ll be using this soapy solution to wash your UGGs, so be sure to choose a proper mild soap or detergent suitable for sheepskin and suede.

The cleanser must be non-ionic and free of bleach, alkalis, and phosphates. 

Step Two – Clean the UGGs

Now, dip a soft brush or sponge into the soapy water and gently scrub the surface of your UGGs. While scrubbing, work in small sections and avoid soaking the boots too much, as it will leave water stains otherwise.

Once you’re done cleaning the boot surface, use a wet cloth to wipe away any remaining soap from your UGGs. Again, make sure you don’t apply too much water or soak the boots.

Step Three – Shape and Dry

To remove the excess water, gently press down on the boots and avoid twisting or wringing them, as you’ll end up damaging their shapes. 

Before drying, stuff your UGGs with clean towels or white paper to retain their fluffiness. Allow the UGGs to air dry in a cool, shaded area away from direct sunlight and heat sources.


Do you have a question that’s not answered yet? Let’s learn about some common queries you might have regarding washing your UGGs.

Can you wash UGGs with shampoo?

Yes, you can use a mild shampoo to wash your UGGs. It’s best to use the specialized UGG Shampoo and Conditioner as it’s recommended by the manufacturer. However, any mild shampoo, such as baby shampoos, will be suitable to protect the delicate sheepskin of your UGGs. 

How often should I waterproof my UGGs?

The experts at UGG suggest that you should waterproof your UGGs every few months. Applying the UGG Water and Stain Repellent will protect your boots from getting wet, stained, and damaged. 

Can I get my UGGs dry-cleaned?

No, according to the official UGG website, you shouldn’t dry clean or machine wash your UGGs as it can damage the boots. Instead, you can use their special cleaning kit to hand wash your UGGs and remove dirt or stains without any damage.

Wrapping Up!

When your precious UGGs get dirty, the first thing that comes to your mind is whether you can put UGGs in the washing machine. As the manufacturers suggest against machine washing the UGGs, you should avoid it to protect the delicate boot material. 

Instead, you can use the UGG cleaning kit for hand washing your boots. If you don’t want to spend on the kit, you can simply use soapy water to wipe off the dirt and stain from your UGGs. 

Just ensure you don’t apply too much water or harsh chemicals, and your boots will stay soft and clean for years.

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