Can you put zoflora in washing machine drawer

Can You Put Zoflora In A Washing Machine Drawer? Let’s Find Out

Zoflora, a popular disinfectant and air freshener, is known for its captivating scent and powerful cleaning. For this reason, it sparks curiosity regarding its potential use in a washing machine drawer.

So, can you put Zoflora in the washing machine drawer? Yes, you can put diluted Zoflora in the detergent drawer to sanitize and freshen your machine and laundry. Don’t use it undiluted, though, as it could potentially damage your washing machine.

I’ll delve deeper into whether it’s safe to put Zoflora in your washing machine drawer. Essentially, I’ll address safety concerns and offer guidance on best practices.

Can You Put Zoflora In A Washing Machine Drawer?

Can you put zoflora in washing machine drawer

Before I give an in-depth answer, I want you to first understand what Zoflora is and how it works. Zoflora is a concentrated disinfectant and fragrance by Thornton & Ross Ltd. 

The base ingredients are benzalkonium chloride and alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride. These two quaternary ammonium compounds disrupt the cell membranes of bacteria, fungi, and viruses, killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Other ingredients are dyes, fragrances, and thickening agents.

Using Zoflora in your washing machine drawer can benefit your machine. It kills germs and bacteria buildup from dirty laundry. After all, hot water and detergents will not fully sanitize the interior of your machine. Therefore, adding a deep-cleaning disinfectant like Zoflora makes sense.

However, there are concerns regarding the use of Zoflora in a washing machine drawer. The primary concern is potential clogging and residue buildup. This is because it has a thick, clingy consistency in its concentrated form. Hence, only put diluted Zoflora in your machine.

Undiluted Zoflora will clog your washing machine’s compartments and pipes. Here’s a table of other potential issues to be aware of.

Potential IssuesNotes
Damage to machineConcentrated Zoflora can damage rubber seals and plastic components
Reduced effectivenessResidue buildup can reduce disinfecting effects and cause inefficient detergent distribution
Staining Zoflora can cause discoloration or staining 
Smell transferThe fragrance may transfer to the next loads of laundry
FiresConcentrated Zoflora is highly flammable for use in electrical appliances

To avoid these issues, follow the Zoflora dilution guideline. Also, I recommend rinsing thoroughly after use.

How to Efficiently Use Zoflora In Washing Machine to Disinfect the Machine? Step-By-Step Guide 

Here are the important steps to follow:

How to Efficiently Use Zoflora In Washing Machine to Disinfect the Machine

Step 1: Dilute the Zoflora to avoid damaging the machine. The recommended ratio is 1:40 of 1 part Zoflora to 40 parts water.

Step 2: Put the diluted disinfectant on its own in the detergent drawer. I mean, don’t put it in your washing machine drawer with other detergents or softeners. You don’t want it to react with detergents and reduce its disinfecting properties. In fact, the manufacturer doesn’t even recommend mixing the different Zoflora fragrances.

Step 3: Run a hot cycle. Choose a high-temperature wash cycle to ensure Zoflora works most effectively. For most machines, the hot wash temperature starts at 60 Degrees Celsius.

Note: If the detergent drawer and its housing are dirty or moldy, remove and clean it first before adding Zoflora disinfectant. Here’s a how-to-video for cleaning the drawer and its housing:

Remember that Zoflora is a disinfectant. So, it shouldn’t replace your regular detergent. Only use it infrequently for a deep, disinfecting clean – preferably every 1-2 months or after 5-8 loads of laundry.

Please remember this cycle is only for cleaning the machine. Moreover, it’s best to run the cycle without clothes. Primarily, it allows the disinfectant to work directly on cleaning the interior. Running a rinse cycle afterward will eliminate residual smell and staining on clothes in future cycles.

In addition, check machine compatibility. Check your washing machine manual to ensure there are no concerns with Zoflora. I’ll also recommend running the Zoflora cycle in a well-ventilated area, as it can produce strong fumes.

How To Use Zoflora Disinfectant In Washing Machines With Clothes?

How To Use Zoflora Disinfectant In Washing Machines With Clothes

Like I said earlier, when using Zoflora, it’s best to run the wash cycle with no laundry. This is because the powerful antibacterial ingredients can damage fabrics. However, with a few tricks, you can safely use Zoflora on clothes in a washing machine.

  • First, dilute substantially—1 part Zoflora to 40 parts water. 
  • For delicate fabrics, use a weaker dilution. 
  • Spot-test first if uncertain in an inconspicuous inner area. 

After that, follow the following tips. 

Skip the Detergent

This is the case if your main goal is to disinfect clothes – not to clean them. Add the diluted disinfectant to a clean detergent drawer where your laundry detergent normally goes. Run the short cycle (15-40 minutes) to disinfect your clothes.

Pre-Soaking Method

Pre-soak your laundry in a basin of diluted Zoflora. The idea is to disperse the disinfectant more evenly and reduce residue buildup. Transfer the soaked laundry to your washing machine and run the normal wash cycle.

Here are more tricks you can use:

  • Wash white clothes only, as Zoflora can potentially cause fading or bleaching of colored clothes.
  • Choose a cold or lukewarm setting. The bleaching effect of Zoflora increases with temperature.
  • Rinse your clothes multiple times after washing with Zoflora. This should flush away residual disinfectant that can damage fabrics or cause skin irritation.
  • Run an additional rinse cycle using Zoflora. Add the disinfectant where the fabric softener goes.

Alternatives To Using Zoflora In Washing Machine Drawer

If you decide not to go with Zoflora, there are other alternatives. You can use these natural cleaning solutions depending on the type of buildup or odor.

  • White vinegar – Use it in the detergent drawer to dissolve soap residue and limescale.
  • Baking soda – Sprinkle directly on the drum for scrubbing and deodorizing the machine internally. 
  • Citric acid – Add to the drum or detergent drawer to remove stains and disinfect from the machine. 
  • Hot cycle – Run a very hot water cycle to clean your washing machine internally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs about using Zoflora in the washing machine drawer:

Q. Do you dilute Zoflora with hot or cold water?

Use cold water dilution for the washing machine. Hot water, particularly boiling water, can deactivate the ingredients in Zoflora and release toxic vapor. In addition, it can cause excess steam buildup inside closed parts like drawers.

Q. Where to put disinfectant in a washing machine?

It depends on the type of cycle. For a wash cycle, put it in the detergent drawer. To use in the rinse cycle, put the disinfectant in the fabric softener drawer.

Q. Besides the drawer, are there any other ways I can clean my machine with Zoflora?

Yes, you can use diluted Zoflora to wipe down your washing machine parts. You can wipe down the door seal/gasket, the inside of the drum, the filter, and exterior surfaces. Cleaning these areas will keep your entire machine fresh and hygienic.


Zoflora does offer antimicrobial cleaning that could benefit the inside of your washing machine and laundry. However, the key point is always to use diluted Zoflora and not mix it with detergents. Also, check your washing machine manual to confirm its suitability.

Remember, Zoflora is only a sanitizer. Therefore, rely on your regular detergents for daily laundry washing.

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